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Please remember whilst we work at quickly as possible many changes will take as long as it takes the Regulators to undertake their own checks and timescales. 



We operate between 1000-1600 Monday to Thursday and until 1300 on Fridays.   Cut Off times for all same day actions is 1300 otherwise any work will be transacted on the next working day.  Outside these hours please either email Us at [email protected] or leave Us a Message – we will try to respond outside of Business Hours but please remember we have families and other commitments – we offer a 24/7 Answerphone Service on 01843.230000 NOT a 24/7 Support Line…!


We will:

  • Remove the current Person of Significant Control [PSC] and appoint yourself.
  • Resign any existing Directors and Appoint yourself and/or any other person you have told Us to appoint. EACH DIRECTOR MUST PASS KYC and AML Checks – see below.
  • Move the Registered Office if requested.
  • Change the Company Name if requested [£30.00 CH Fee applies].
  • File any outstanding Company Accounts. 
  • Once the above have been accepted by Companies House,  File an updated CONFIRMATION STATEMENT to ensure your Company is suitable for subsequent checking by banks etc.
  • IF you need us to change the Company’s SIC Codes please let Us know ASAP.
  • Let you know any HM Gateway Codes, UTR and VAT/EORI numbers etc.
  • Reset the Company Authorisation Code .
  • Temporarily act as Company Secretary, unless instructed otherwise, to monitor the necessary work with Companies House and HMRC. If you remove Us, you will need to undertake all works below this item yourselves.

WE will undertake the following activities ONLY as long as we act as Company Secretary – if you remove us we no longer hold legal authority to complete the works below on your behalf.

  • Complete VAT484 notifying HMRC of the Change of VAT Registration Details.
  • Notify HMRC and HMG of the change of Gateway Account details.


Your purchase includes a matched domain as per the listing.   On some listing we have more than one domain and if so we will notify you.       PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide Hosting and you will need to transfer your newly acquired domain to a Company of your choice, we recommend HOSTINGER VPS although the choice is yours.   You are responsible to renewing any domains via your new Registrar.

On receipt of the Transfer Request we will TRANSFER the domain to you as quickly as possible and/or provide you with the AUTHCODE if required normally this only applies to domains. domains do not have an AUTHCODE and transfer automatically and Free of Charge under a process mandated by NOMINET – we cannot ‘speed’ this service up regrettably.  You should work on the basis that it wil take 24-48 hours for your transferred domain to go live.


We are happy to remain your Registered Office for the first 90 days after your purchase and offer a FREE OFFICIAL MAIL to EMAIL SERVICE during this time..   We will contact you after about 60 days from Purchase to review and discuss your future requirements.    PLEASE NOTE: A Registered Office is not the same as your Trading Address and you should not claim that you are using the Registered Office as such.  HMRC must be informed of both your Registered Office and Trading Addresses via FORM VAT 484, which we will complete on your behalf normally showing the Directors Home Address.   We can offer Trading Address and Mailbox solutions – please enquire.

Any other post received will be discarded and/or may be rejected and/or forwarded to you for a fee which is normally 200% of the onward mailing cost.   Please discuss with Us if you expect significant post to be received and bear in mind all post will be opened by Us and we may be under an obligation to report its contents to either the Sender or other Public Body including HMRC or the Police.


We offer excellent ongoing support and can assist in obtaining or negotiating many services including:

  • Accountancy
  • Insurance and Pension Regulation
  • Legal Support including Company Secretarial Services.
  • Business Mentoring and Workshops including Employment Support
  • Environmental Regulations, eg. Waste Licences
  • Import – Export Support including EU VAT Registration.
  • Phone and IT solutions


By law we are obliged to collect some information, please do not be offended if we ask.  Talk to Us if there are any issues as most can be resolved.


  • One Photo ID
  • One Proof of Address
  • Proof of the Right to Use any Registered Office
  • Proof to Use any Trading Address if not the Directors Address evidenced abov