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NEWS: UK Visa Rules Changed – Time for Reassessing Your Foreign Plans

The United Kingdom is one of the most sought after destinations for study, as well as for permanent residence. Many skilled professionals have plans to move to UK at some point. With UK Visa rules changed, there is plenty to cheer. There is a lot of information available online about the changed rules. Therefore, lack of info about the new visa rules is hardly an excuse. With quite a few countries revisiting migration rules in the wake of recent spike in terrorist activities, this move in April was quite expected. However, the rule changes for the UK visa are more as a result of pressure applied by universities and businesses in the country. This pressure is largely due to the current strict visa regime that wasn’t playing up to their interests.

Two of these rule changes are to do with Tier 1 Graduate entrepreneur and Exceptional talent routes. The doors have been opened wider for talented management graduates hailing from UK HEI or higher education institutions. Secondly, applicants need not submit their passport during the phase when their application is being considered for competent body endorsement. A significant point is the hope that the new rules will actually provide a shot in the arm for students, for whom UK had dropped down in the priority list.

With UK Visa rules changed, the obvious aspect is that it favors highly skilled professionals and exceptionally talented students. One of the changes will benefit Intra Company Transferees who can extend their leave now without being required to appear for an English test, as long as they draw a salary in excess of 152,000 pounds. Even PhD students will welcome the news that after finishing research they are allowed to stay on for work for an extra year, without going for a different course as was required earlier.

The Graduate Entrepreneur route though is probably witnessing one of the most interesting changes, where students of British universities can stay for an extra year in the UK, even after completing their graduation. This is to increase the quality of innovation that the country possesses. In that one year of extended stay, graduates can develop on their skills or business ideas and then re-apply for an extension of stay either as a business owner or as a hired, skilled professional.

The change in rules will come as a big advantage to those who wish to travel to other European countries as well, for the purpose of education. With ease of entry to UK, students can use the opportunity to exchange notes with their counterparts from other European countries. Similarly, those who have found graduate level jobs after study can stay on for another three years too. While this attracts brighter talents into the country, it is also a reform from the earlier rules that allowed employers to only pursue foreign nationals, when a vacancy wasn’t filled by a citizen. Countries are trying to find a balance between safeguarding the nation’s interests and attracting brighter brains from abroad as well.

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